Faith Before Race.

We have been matchmaking Muslims from the moment we started. Having roots within many Muslim communities has given us great understanding of Muslims of all beliefs and origins. No matter if you are looking for the perfect partner from a similar community or if this is not a factor we are sure we can help.

We have expertise with working with a variety of people from those who have never been married to those who have been divorced. We understand the various differences between communities and have used this knowledge to help us make some amazing matches.

Faith Before Circumstance.

The One will help you find a potential partner that will embrace all you have, and can offer in an Islamic union that can only bear more fruit.

In these modern times, many Muslims and Muslim reverts are increasingly turning to the Internet to search for a potential spouse. The One will help you find someone that shares those same ideals. We understand the significance of marriage and how half of your Deen is complete under such a life-changing event.

“Marriage is the basis for blessings and children are an abundance of mercy.”
Prophet Muhammad