The Culture

As Asians, collectively we have a rich and colourful culture, which explains why our parent’s eyes light up when they hear the word ‘marriage’. Our weddings are so extravagant and the happiest moments in our lives, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus all share these significant life events.

Whether you’re Indian, Punjabi or Pakistani, the smiles remain the same.

Culturally, we also know the golden rules of respecting our elders, their wishes and social norms of match-making. These social responsibilities within the Asian community tend to gravitate towards the concept and ideals of marriage, which have been passed down through the generations.

The Kindred Spirit

Today, as Asians of the 21st Century, finding your future partner is full of amazing opportunities and choices. Through dating, matrimonial introductions or the casual browsing of one’s profile has opened the gates to non-obtrusive possibilities of who you want to be your ideal partner.

The One offers its introductory services to Asians of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Religion playing a major part of that journey, our clients stem from Muslim, Sikh and Hindu backgrounds and The One greets and carries out the traditions within each faith with the greatest respect.