The Reason

The Misconception

The One promises a better way to discreetly search for your life partner by expanding your universe of potential suitors. Using a more hands on approach, The One personally vets candidates, as opposed to filling out a questionnaire about height, weight, likes and dislikes.

Many that apply tend to exaggerate the truth, which is why before you meet anyone; we meet them first to guarantee that they fit the profile that you’re looking for.

Inside and Out

Though aesthetics plays an important part, we are visual and fall in love through our eyes The One works with those that have the whole package where the attraction is balanced with both brains and character.

As creatures of habit, we can become complacent and leave it up to fate, but since you’ve made it this far and continued to read, why not leave it up to The One to take you to the finishing line instead?

Beneath the Surface

The One has a real conversation about the important aspects of your life, your family, what you look for in your ideal partner. We want you to think about what you consider is most important and why.

Not once suggesting you’re not capable of doing it on your own, The One will allow you to choose the kind of person that will grab your attention, but on your terms.