The Process

The Need Behind the Want

Combining psychological principles, The One-On-One consultation offers a unique and comprehensive approach to understanding the want behind the need, with utmost discretion.

Nice to Meet You

The One would first like to know a little about you first which can be done completing our Contact Us page. Once submitted, we would like to meet for an initial chat at a location of your choice, whether for a coffee, or somewhere more private.

Here we would like to get to know you further. Even at this point, you will not feel obligated to continue with the service that The One can offer. We are sure you will have questions for us. You can then think it over, and if you are happy to join The One, we will then begin your journey.

You are Already Amazing

Profiling you, The One wants to get to know you better and embrace everything you have to offer both pragmatically and spiritually. Effective profiling helps us find your perfect match all the while maintaining strict confidentiality.

The One can also advise on how to make relationships more fulfilling for the future. Coaching you and increasing your self-confidence, we can nurture what is already there. If we can see it, so will they.

Though The One understands that the undertaking of this journey seems daunting, we also acknowledge and will recognise the milestones that your journey will reward you with. After all, life’s path is paved that way.

Feel Complete

Everyone being at different stages of their lives, we only match make those that have reached that same milestone and share the wants and needs. Meeting someone new for the first time can be a rewarding experience that will not only do wonders for your confidence, but will help hone in on the realisation of what it is exactly that you’re looking for.