The Heart of Khalsa.

We have been working very closely with many Sikhs from various communities and of various beliefs. This has given a great understanding of  to only the religion but also the people.

We have a large number of both men and woman registered with The One Marriage Consultancy and have some great success stories.

From The Steps of Laava Comes Love.

Through that warm embrace, searching for a partner with the same beliefs allows the The One to help you find your significant other within that community.

Refining the qualities that you are searching for, The One can scrutinise the multitude of personalities within The One’s Khalsa portfolio to find a match that has had the same spiritual journey as you.

Though the four verses of Lavan unite the bonds of marriage, each step will bring you closer to The One.

“…True husband and wife are they who possess one soul in two bodies.”

Sri Guru Granth Sahib