Taking The First Sanskar.

As a spiritual philosophy, Hinduism concerns itself with the refinement of one’s Karma. The beauty of Hinduism allows is that it does not discriminate, but allows the enlightenment of wisdom. Through this understanding, finding The One can become as easy as understanding Dharma.

Ashirvada from The Heart.

Realising Moksha (spiritual liberation), Karma reinforces the notion that the one is there, and The One will find them.
Though Jathakam has pre-ordained whether the one is right for you, The One will respectfully utilise the Janam Kundali to help you find the perfect match.

The One will find you a partner that will fit harmoniously around your Karma as much as the path that you have chosen.

7 Steps to Eternal Happiness.

Race has no boundaries and neither does the faith of Hinduism. The One will someone whose path runs parallel to yours with the sacred bond of Sutrabandhanam.

I take thy hand in mine, yearning for happiness

I ask thee, to live with me, till both of us with age, grow old.

Know this, as I declare, that the Gods have bestowed thy person, upon me

That I may fulfil, my Dharma of the household with thee.

Sapta-Padi Prayer