Meet the team:

The founder and CEO:

First and foremost, my two loves are my business and my family. As romantic as it sounds, I get a lot of pleasure from making those around me happy – and I quickly discovered that I had an eye for connecting people around me within my family, friendship and professional circles. Given the core values I have that centre around my family I was able to really connect with individuals on a level beyond the superficial and hence identify potential matches within my own circle. 4 years ago this got me thinking…….can I do this for more people beyond my own professional and personal network?

How it began….

Coming from a background in banking, part of my job was to build and grow a network of extremely successful, career driven professionals. I was fortunate enough to understand the banking needs as well as personal needs of every single one of my clients – a common theme that kept popping up with my single Asian clients was that they were just too busy and focussed on their own career/business to look for The ONE person to settle down with……and so the concept was born. A bespoke matchmaking service tailored specifically for professionals from an Asian background.

And now?……

Four years later the business has flourished! I have noticed that our success is now driven by word of mouth recommendations as my network of exceptional males and females grows. With the help of my team of experienced consultants, we have successfully steered many couples together with effortless and seamless introductions – as the service promises. This is so so heartening and so exciting for me – and I do look forward to welcoming you to our exclusive membership to find The ONE.

Head of operations:

Coming from a background in corporate business and pharmacy, I wholeheartedly understand how difficult it is to juggle both a successful career with home and personal life. When joining The ONE Marriage consultancy, I felt inspired by how much this company’s values fit into my own – priding itself on integrity and putting you the client at the centre of all that we do. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing I had a part to play in what some would call the most important decision of their life!

My role within the business is develop strategy for the UK and abroad – as the business grows. I also ensure smooth operations within our UK base. Being born and raised in the midlands, my parents originally came from an east African, Asian background. Therefore, I am very much sympathetic to the cultural and religious needs of our communities in this modern era of matchmaking and matrimony.


I am a people person! I pride myself in having an understanding of all those that I meet, and I believe, that flair comes from my empathetic nature. I specialise in clients who come from an Asian background. Being Asian myself, I can appreciate our cultural values and how they would impact on the traditional aspect of your needs. Having worked with The ONE Marriage consultancy since conception, I am an experienced and natural matchmaker with a passion for finding compatible matches that are based on strong and long-lasting relationships.