- Ryada Kossir

Let Me Introduce Myself…

My name is Ryada Kossir. Being a bit of a chatterbox, even in my childhood, I’ve always had the knack to allow people to be comfortable around me. So much so that meeting someone for the first time, those first impressions fall by the wayside and only then do I get to meet the person hidden away under the well-guarded persona of pretence.

How It Began…

My working life truly flourished working for a major financial institution (I wont tell you which one!) where networking with people from all cultures and backgrounds was essential and inevitably became a fine art. So much so that my circle of friends just grew and grew.

Many of my links, both male and female being in their twenty, thirty-something’s and beyond, all had one thing in common – They were all looking for that ‘special someone’.

A cliché I know, but a true one, nonetheless.

My Observations…

So many were heavily involved in their careers and generally serving the demanding mistress that is life, they all were pretty much saying the same thing, that they wish they had the time to actually go out and find someone, and if they did have the time.. where would they look?

Now being the ‘social butterfly’ that I am, I helped make introductions within my circles to one another, but not of course, for the sake of it, I knew them both, but I also knew that somehow this is a match that could actually work!

Before I knew it, another close colleague (who I wont name!) asked if I knew anyone that is looking for something a bit more serious or possibly marriage, and low and behold another match was made. Clearly, I was on a roll.