10 Things single people are tired of hearing (especially around the accursed Valentines day!)

1. Have you tried online dating or dating aps? My friend found their husband/wife that way

Really now…..in this day in age we all know that finding someone on the internet is more trouble than it’s worth! Most clients who have come to us are at their wits end with online dating and aps alike – the most popular reasons being catfish-ed or worse, meeting someone who has absolutely no honourable intentions whatsoever! Why on earth would adoring loved ones want you to go through this to find The ONE? How is it even possible to judge a potential suitor based on appearance (questionable at best) and vague superficial online profile?

Here at The ONE Marriage Consultancy we ensure we vet every single one of our clients – we can definitively state what their intentions are. We are bespoke and take your needs into account before all else.

Is it time to make an investment in yourself and your personal life? If you feel the time is right then inbox your details to The ONE and one of our consultants will be in touch with you.


2. “When I was your age, I was getting engaged/married and planning on starting a family!”

Oh this age old one…… Parents and loved ones just want the best for us right? It just feels as though having a multimillion-pound turnover business or being CEO of a large corporate business doesn’t seem to cut it if you’re not engaged (tick), married (tick) and having babies (tick).

Here at The ONE Marriage Consultancy we celebrate your success! We want you to meet individuals of a similar mindset and similar success story to share and grow together. Sounds intriguing? Drop us a message via our inbox or on our web page enquiry form and one of our consultants will be in touch to tell you more!


3. “Why are you single? You’re attractive, intelligent and creative.”

Have you encountered this before? Yes, you’re all the above and no less wonderful just because you’re single – your accomplishments are to be celebrated and bragged about. Here at The ONE Marriage Consultancy we specialise in providing a bespoke matchmaking service where highly successful, like-minded individuals are bought together. For a discreet and confidential service please feel free to get in touch for more information http://consulttheone.co.uk or Tel: 0207 112 8893 to speak to one of our consultants


4. “You will meet someone when you least expect to”

However fanciful this sounds…..what are you supposed to do in the mean time?

There is an element of truth here. The stress and anxiety of searching for The ONE can appear like a beacon – alerting any potential new suitors of how you are feeling. When you’re less focussed on finding that special someone….when you’re enjoying yourself, living in the moment or focussing single mindedly on your career you can allow yourself the opportunity to savour any moment without preconceived notions. Before you know it, you have allowed a relationship to grow and nurture organically.

Here at The ONE Marriage consultancy we firmly believe you shouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket….and simply resting on your laurels is certainly not going to get you what you want and, it seems, looking too hard doesn’t help either.

5. “You’re just too picky”

How much does this resonate with you…..the uber successful entrepreneur who has never ever settled for anything less than perfection? It’s just the way you’re wired. So, when someone very uninvited casually drops this remark quite often you’re left feeling confronted and imposed upon. It’s tempting to snap back asking them to keep their opinions to themselves. The fact of the matter is that you don’t mind being patient when it comes to meeting The ONE. You have a clear idea of what it is you’re looking for in terms of long-term relationship and you are willing to go beyond the superficial to find that perfect match.

Here at The ONE Marriage consultancy, we match likeminded individuals who want to grow together in a lasting, fulfilling and most importantly happy relationships. Our clients expect nothing less and we demand we deliver much more! There is nothing wrong with picky as long as you’re open to trying out different….you may surprise yourself when it comes to finding The (perfect) ONE.


6. “Just pray about it”

Whatever your faith, praying is such a wonderful way to bring your soul to peace, ease anxiety and create hope that yes, one day you will meet The ONE. However, when said to you as a singular comment – often as a form of comfort, it brings into question whether what you are doing is enough. There is always a higher truth, that often we do not understand wholly – and being single at this moment in time is what is meant to be. Praying to accelerate His intentions may not be conducive. Instead, this comment, in conjunction with other forms of encouragement and positivity can bring much more comfort to those that are actively seeking The ONE.

At The ONE Marriage consultancy we strive to provide a knowledgeable excellence when it comes to faith and religion. We have first hand understanding and sensitivity towards what your religious beliefs and needs are and will ALWAYS take this into account when consulting with you and generating your matches.



Ah……our well-meaning friends/family! How they instinctively feel the need to “fix” you up because you must be in dire need right? However loving and caring these intentions are, quite often these so called matches are just so so wrong. Whoever comes up with these matches either a. does not know the “unmarried human being” very well, b. does not know you very well, or both a and b – c. doesn’t know either of you very well! It’s almost a one in a million possibility of getting this right – not to even begin to contemplate how the experience of being set up would sit with both parties involved!

At The ONE marriage consultancy we take the time to get to know everyone of our clients on a personal level. We generate matches beyond the superficial aesthetics and focus on you as an individual not on your status as single. We do not want you to meet every single person out there just because they’re single – we want you to meet The ONE!


8. “Tick, tock…….don’t you think you’re getting on a bit?”

Another prime example of unconstructive loving from the people in our lives who care. How do you counter this without sounding rude?

As hard as it is do not succumb to the pressure of social norms and pushy relatives. You need to make it clear that you will never settle for second best…..the best for you means happiness for you – for a lifetime! With divorce rates being so high (recent statistics pitch divorce at a record high of 42%!!!! That’s almost half the marriages in the UK ending up in divorce!) Who needs the heartache?

You need to make it clear you want to get “being married” right the first time around – but saying that, it is also important that you remain active in your search for The ONE. You need to be confident in your decision about who your potential life partner is going to be – here at The ONE Marriage consultancy we are there to support and enable you via our bespoke match matchmaking service.


9. “Don’t worry, you won’t be single forever.”

Presumptive much? Psychologist Anjhula Mya Singh Bais, Ph.D., who specializes in social and personality psychology, psychoanalysis and relationships, explains that this statement may inadvertently cause you, who wasn’t worried about your single status to wonder if you should be.

Would this may cause feelings of inadequacy?….and lead you to question whether or not you are “whole” or “enough” without that significant other? “So much of the cultural myth is based on notions of completeness that it appears if you do not have someone in your life, it’s sad,” she says. “The notion of completion should be substituted with the idea of complement: Another person may complement you, but you are whole and complete in and of yourself.”

Here at The ONE Marriage Consultancy we take you for the wonderful, complete human being that you are! We want to rejoice in your success, acknowledge your needs and requirements and take the anxiety of searching for The ONE away from you. Our bespoke matchmaking service ensures discretion and allows you peace of mind that whilst you are pushing ahead with life and your career, there is your very own consultant head hunting and searching for that potential ONE without judgement and without prejudice.

10. “I wish I were single.”

Ugh. Typically spoken out loud by someone who is clearly not entirely happy about the relationship they are in. If anything, this statement is a total turnoff for anyone wanting to be in a relationship – how discouraging!

Yes, it may look fun from the outside to have your own schedule, not to mention the excitement that can come from meeting someone new. But that all wears off quickly first date after first date after first date. The helplessness and loneliness you must deal with is very frustrating and depressing. Especially when, subconsciously you may be putting your life on hold while you wait to find The ONE. For example, waiting to buy your own place or even waiting to take that special trip because you always thought you’d go there with your future spouse.

At The ONE Marriage Consultancy, we want to introduce you to likeminded individuals – we want to support you in that first meeting with that special someone. We don’t want you to repeatedly go on first dates…..we want you to meet The ONE with the most organic of experiences. Our clients feel reassured in their status as singletons when they join our books – such that comments like this wash off like water off a duck’s back!