Timing is everything….

You need time. Time to reflect on your previous relationship. Time to think about what was great – and be able to mourn the loss of that. You also need time to think about what was not great….why did this happen? How did it happen to you?

Why? Why do you need to undertake this process before you can move one? It’s important to allow yourself the time to fully deal with the anger, betrayal, sadness and victimisation so that you do not bring it to your next relationship – if you are still feeling these emotions from a previous relationship you will most certainly bring these emotions to the table when you are searching and meeting new people. How will this be perceived by the other person whom you wish to meet? Is it fair on them that because of your previous undealt with emotions they are going to have to battle with the armour that is placed in front of them? All of which could potentially hinder the progress of a loving relationship and prevent you finding The ONE.

Secondly, you need time to reflect. Allowing yourself the time to think will enable you to understand better what it is that you are looking for when searching for The ONE. The number of clients who have come to us requesting specific needs and wants, based on their previous experiences, is very common.  Having such specific needs can be limiting and detrimental to finding that life partner. Quite often, upon further coaching, those clients understand that in fact those wants and needs are completely different to what they have actually specified to us previously.

Look out for the next instalment of this series…. Getting back to normality.

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