About The One

The Search

The One is more than a dating/introductory service. The One Marriage Consultancy owes its success to offering a matrimonial service within the Asian and the extended Muslim community that is always tailor made to your specific requirements.

Selecting only the ideal candidates from Muslim, Muslim converts or reverts, Sikh or Hindu backgrounds, our consultants will find you the perfect partner using our highly thorough screening process and pride ourselves on the quality of people we choose to work with.

Introductory Package

  • Tailor made service to your requirements with a 1:1 consultant
  • Introductions to like-minded individuals using our service
  • Access to invitation-only networking and social events
  • 18 month membership to The One service and clients

Exclusive package

  • A private and fully confidential service, you will be assigned your own personal consultant who will offer 1:1 a full in-depth consultation
  • Exclusive membership allows you to utilise the full services of the TheOne Team, which include Psychologists, stylist and consultants
  • This is an invitation only membership which is restricted to elite, executive individuals who meet the criteria*
  • Exclusive members will have full access to all networking and social events
  • With this executive package subscription is unlimited, until you meet ‘The One’

The Requirements

Our clientele base comprises of Asians from many age groups that are ready to hand over the reigns and allow The One to pick out individuals that are suited to your personality, and crave the same things in life as you.

The Confidentiality

We value the privacy of our clients and always keep their identities confidential. Being implicit for our discretion, your information will only be disclosed to those that are like-minded as you, and upon your say so.

The Convert. The Revert.

As each generation becomes more spiritually enlightened, our knowledge of religion and tolerance allows us to be naturally drawn towards a faith that becomes more fulfilling than what we may have been born into. Whether a convert or revert of Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism or Catholicism, we will search the many, to find The One.

The One will help you find that special someone, and will make you see why it would never have worked out with anyone else.

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